The International Journal of Prosthodontics



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Int J Prosthodont 31 (2018), No. 2     29. Mar. 2018
Int J Prosthodont 31 (2018), No. 2  (29.03.2018)

Page 161-162, doi:10.11607/ijp.5552, PubMed:29518810

Reuse of Implant Healing Abutments: Comparative Evaluation of the Efficacy of Two Cleaning Procedures
Stacchi, Claudio / Berton, Federico / Porrelli, Davide / Lombardi, Teresa
Purpose: To compare the efficacy of two systems in cleaning used healing abutments (HAs).
Materials and Methods: A total of 60 used HAs were randomized into two groups: one treated with an automatic cleaning system, and the other with conventional decontamination procedures. After sterilization and staining, the HAs were microscopically analyzed and underwent a cellular adhesion in vitro assay.
Results: Contaminated areas were observed with different frequencies in the two groups (3.6% test; 78.2% control; P < .001). In vitro assay showed a uniform cell distribution in test HAs, while areas of debris without adhering cells were a common finding in the control HAs.
Conclusion: Further studies investigating the chemical composition and clinical influence of biologic remnants are necessary before considering reusing HAs.
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