The International Journal of Prosthodontics



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Issue 3/2007     15. May 2007
15. May 2007
Pages: 219 - 315

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Page 220-228
Women in Prosthodontics: Invited Biographies
Wennerberg, Ann
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Page 235-238, PubMed:17580451
Estimation of Functional Load Direction to an Implant Using Normal Lines on the Superstructure Occlusal Surface
Maeda, Yoshinobu / Matono, Kei / Tsugawa, Tsuyoshi / Sogo, Motofumi
Page 239-241, PubMed:17580452
Clinical Evaluation of Procera AllCeram Crowns in the Anterior and Posterior Regions
Zitzmann, Nicola U. / Galindo, Martha L. / Hagmann, Edgar / Marinello, Carlo P.
Page 242-244, PubMed:17580453
Correlations Between Self-Ratings of Denture Function and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Different Age Groups
Hassel, Alexander J. / Rolko, Claudia / Grossmann, Anne-Christiane / Ohlmann, Brigitte / Rammelsberg, Peter
Page 245-250, PubMed:17580454
Association Between Oral Stereognostic Ability and Masticatory Performance in Aged Complete Denture Wearers
Ikebe, Kazunori / Amemiya, Mikiko / Morii, Kentaro / Matsuda, Ken-ichi / Yoshinaka, Masaki / Nokubi, Takashi
Page 251-255, PubMed:17580455
Association Between the Amount of Alcohol Intake and Masseter Muscle Activity Levels Recorded During Sleep in Healthy Young Women
Hojo, Akimitsu / Haketa, Tadasu / Baba, Kazuyoshi / Igarashi, Yoshimasa
Page 259-262, PubMed:17580457
A New Clinical Method for Evaluating the Closest Speaking Space in Dentulous and Edentulous Subjects: A Pilot Study
Rizzatti, Alessio / Ceruti, Paola / Mussano, Federico / Erovigni, Francesco / Preti, Giulio
Page 263-269, PubMed:17580458
Clinical Study of the Color Stability of Veneering Ceramics for Zirconia Frameworks
Sailer, Irena / Holderegger, Claudia / Jung, Ronald Ernst / Suter, Ana / Thievent, Bertrand / Pietrobon, Nicola / Gebhard-Achilles, Walter / Hammerle, Christoph Hans Franz
Page 270-274, PubMed:17580459
Quality of Impressions Using Hydrophilic Polyvinyl Siloxane in a Clinical Study of 249 Patients
Beier, Ulrike Stephanie / Grunert, Ingrid / Kulmer, Siegfried
Page 275-285, PubMed:17580460
A Comparison of Prosthetic Ear Models Created from Data Captured by Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Laser Scanning
Coward, Trevor J. / Scott, Brendan J. J. / Watson, Roger M. / Richards, Robin
Page 286-288, PubMed:17580461
Effects of Recasting on the Chemical Composition, Microstructure, Microhardness, and Ion Release of 3 Dental Casting Alloys and Titanium
Peraire, Maria / Martinez-Gomis, Jordi / Anglada, Josep M. / Bizar, Josep / Salsench, Juan / Gil, Francesc J.
Page 289-292, PubMed:17580462
Effects of Precementation Desensitizing Laser Treatment and Conventional Desensitizing Agents on Crown Retention
Sipahi, Cumhur / Cehreli, Murat / Ozen, Julide / Dalkiz, Mehmet
Page 293-298, PubMed:17580463
Clinical Performance of Fiber Post Restorations in Endodontically Treated Teeth: 2-Year Results
Cagidiaco, Maria Crysanti / Radovic, Ivana / Simonetti, Marco / Tay, Franklin / Ferrari, Marco
Page 299-307, PubMed:17580464
Antimicrobial Effect of 4 Disinfectants on Alginate, Polyether, and Polyvinyl Siloxane Impression Materials
Al-Jabrah, Osama / Al-Shumailan, Yousef / Al-Rashdan, Manhal
Page 308-310, PubMed:17580465
In Vitro Candida Colonization on Acrylic Resins and Denture Liners: Influence of Surface Free Energy, Roughness, Saliva, and Adhering Bacteria
Pereira, Tatiana / Cury, Altair Antoninha Del Bel / Cenci, Maximiliano Sergio / Rodrigues-Garcia, Renata Cunha Matheus