The International Journal of Prosthodontics



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Issue 3/2013     25. Apr. 2013
25. Apr. 2013
Pages: 210 - 287

Page 215, PubMed:23855059
2013 Frechette Awards
Rosenstiel, Stephen F.
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Page 218-226, doi:10.11607/ijp.3406, PubMed:23626973
Understanding Kaplan-Meier and Survival Statistics
Layton, Danielle M.
Page 227-229, doi:10.11607/ijp.3167, PubMed:23626974
Palatal Rugae: A Potential Reference to Determine Key Anterior Maxilla Dimensions and Tooth Positions
Panjwani, Bella / Cable, Cheryl / Flores-Mir, Carlos / Bhargava, Kashyap
Page 230-234, doi:10.11607/ijp.2768, PubMed:23626975
Restoration of Morphologically Compromised and Endodontically Treated Molars
Özyoney, Gürol / Yanıkoglu, Funda / Tagtekin, Dilek / Hayran, Osman
Page 235-238, doi:10.11607/ijp.3254, PubMed:23626976
Strain Comparisons for Splinted and Nonsplinted Cement-Retained Implant Crowns
Yilmaz, Burak / Mess, Joseph / Seidt, Jeremy / Clelland, Nancy L.
Page 239-243, doi:10.11607/ijp.3305, PubMed:23626977
Prediction of Sleep Bruxism Events by Increased Heart Rate
Mizumori, Takahiro / Sumiya, Masakazu / Kobayashi, Yasuyoshi / Inano, Shinji / Yatani, Hirofumi
Page 244-249, doi:10.11607/ijp.3044, PubMed:23626978
A 10-Year Retrospective Clinical Evaluation of Immediately Loaded Tapered Maxillary Implants
Harel, Noga / Piek, Dana / Livne, Shiri / Palti, Ady / Ormianer, Zeev
Page 260-264, doi:10.11607/ijp.3120, PubMed:23626980
A Retrospective Comparative 8-Year Study of Cumulative Complications in Teeth Adjacent to Both Natural and Implant-Supported Fixed Partial Dentures
Yamazaki, Seiya / Arakawa, Hikaru / Maekawa, Kenji / Noda, Kinji / Hara, Emilio Satoshi / Minakuchi, Hajime / Sonoyama, Wataru / Matsuka, Yoshizo / Kuboki, Takuo
Page 265-267, doi:10.11607/ijp.3410, PubMed:23626981
Development of Stable Peri-implant Soft Tissue and Mentolabial Sulcus Depth with an Implant-Retained Soft Tissue Conformer After Osteocutaneous Flap Reconstruction
Dhima, Matilda / Rieck, Kevin L. / Arce, Kevin / Salinas, Thomas J.
Page 268-271, doi:10.11607/ijp.2970, PubMed:23626982
Numeric Simulation of the Upper Airway Structure and Airflow Dynamic Characteristics After Unilateral Complete Maxillary Resection
Qian, Yumei / Qian, Haixin / Wu, Yadong / Jiao, Ting
Page 272-276, doi:10.11607/ijp.3287, PubMed:23626983
Complication and Survival of Mark II Restorations: 4-Year Clinical Follow-up
Klink, Andrea / Huettig, Fabian
Page 277-281, doi:10.11607/ijp.2903, PubMed:23626984
Zirconia Implants Supporting Overdentures: A Pilot Study with Novel Prosthodontic Designs
Osman, Reham B. / Payne, Alan G. T. / Duncan, Warwick / Ma, Sunyoung
Page 282-287, doi:10.11607/ijp.2995, PubMed:23626985
Dimensional and Occlusal Accuracy of a Novel Three-Dimensional Digital Model of Articulated Dental Arches
Tanaka, Yasue / Hattori, Yoshinori