The International Journal of Prosthodontics



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Int J Prosthodont 31 (2018), Supplement 1     13. Feb. 2018
Int J Prosthodont 30 (2017), No. 5  (08.09.2017)

Page 487-489, doi:10.11607/ijp.5284, PubMed:28859181

Clinical Application of Newly Developed Custom-made Mouthpiece for Scuba Diving
Hirose, Toshiaki / Gonda, Tomoya / Maeda, Yoshinobu
Purpose: To describe a method for customizing scuba diving mouthpieces, to examine their usability, and to assess divers' satisfaction with their use.
Materials and Methods: A rational method for fabricating custom-made mouthpieces for scuba diving was developed. Twenty scuba divers agreed to use a custom-made mouthpiece for at least 4 weeks. After mouthpiece use, participants completed an 11-item questionnaire.
Results: Custom-made mouthpieces had significantly lower scores for all items on the questionnaire except uncomfortable sensation, indicating that they were more comfortable than ready-made mouthpieces.
Conclusion: It can be concluded that these novel custom-made mouthpieces for scuba diving offer greater comfort than ready-made mouthpieces.
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