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The International Journal of Prosthodontics



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Ausgabe 4/2016     1. Juli 2016
1. Juli 2016
Seiten: 323 - 408

Seite 323-324, PubMed:27491088, Sprache: Englisch
Editorial: Change: The Forerunner of Progress
Landesman, Howard M.
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Seite 327-336, doi:10.11607/ijp.4631, PubMed:27479337, Sprache: Englisch
Maxillary Three-Implant Overdentures Opposing Mandibular Two-Implant Overdentures: 10-Year Prosthodontic Outcomes
Ma, Sunyoung / Waddell, J. Neil / Atieh, Momen A. / Alsabeeha, Nabeel H. M. / Payne, Alan G. T.
Seite 337-339, doi:10.11607/ijp.4412, PubMed:27479338, Sprache: Englisch
The Resin-Bonded Fixed Partial Denture as the First Treatment Consideration to Replace a Missing Tooth
Kuijs, Ruud / van Dalen, Andy / Roeters, Joost / Wismeijer, Daniel
Seite 340-350, doi:10.11607/ijp.4711, PubMed:27479339, Sprache: Englisch
Parallel Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial in Patients with Temporomandibular Disorders Treated with a CAD/CAM Versus a Conventional Stabilization Splint
Duc, Jean Marc Pho / Hüning, Sandra Vargas / Grossi, Márcio Lima
Seite 351-353, doi:10.11607/ijp.4542, PubMed:27479340, Sprache: Englisch
Fit Analysis of Different Framework Fabrication Techniques for Implant-Supported Partial Prostheses
Spazzin, Aloísio Oro / Bacchi, Atais / Trevisani, Alexandre / Farina, Ana Paula / dos Santos, Mateus Bertolini Fernandes
Seite 354-356, doi:10.11607/ijp.4591, PubMed:27479341, Sprache: Englisch
Prosthodontic Management and Treatment Considerations for an HIV-Positive Patient with a Nonhealing Lesion of the Maxilla: A Clinical Case History Report
Artopoulou, Ioli Ioanna / Martin, Jack W. / Chambers, Mark S.
Seite 357-359, doi:10.11607/ijp.4677, PubMed:27479342, Sprache: Englisch
Preliminary In Vitro Study on O-Ring Wear in Mini-Implant-Retained Overdentures
Chaves, Carolina de Andrade Lima / de Souza, Raphael Freitas / Cunha, Tatiana Ramirez / Vecchia, Maria Paula Della / Ribeiro, Adriana Barbosa / Bruniera, João Felipe / Silva-Sousa, Yara Teresinha
Seite 360-362, doi:10.11607/ijp.4599, PubMed:27479343, Sprache: Englisch
Extraoral Cementation Technique to Minimize Cement-Associated Peri-implant Marginal Bone Loss: Can a Thin Layer of Zinc Oxide Cement Provide Sufficient Retention?
Frisch, Eberhard / Ratka-Krüger, Petra / Weigl, Paul / Woelber, Johan
Seite 363-368, doi:10.11607/ijp.4608, PubMed:27479344, Sprache: Englisch
Quality of Life in Patients After Maxillectomy and Placement of Prosthetic Obturator
Chen, Cheng / Ren, Wen-Hao / Huang, Rui-Zhe / Gao, Ling / Hu, Zhi-Ping / Zhang, Lin-Mei / Li, Shao-Ming / Dong, Kai / Qi, Hong / Zhi, Ke-Qian
Seite 369-371, doi:10.11607/ijp.4602, PubMed:27479345, Sprache: Englisch
Fracture Strength After Fatigue Loading of Lithium Disilicate Pressed Zirconia Crowns
Kim, So-Yeun / Choi, Jae-Won / Ju, Sung-Won / Ahn, Jin-Soo / Yoon, Mi-Jung / Huh, Jung-Bo
Seite 381-383, doi:10.11607/ijp.4759, PubMed:27479347, Sprache: Englisch
Biofilm Affecting the Mechanical Integrity of Implant-Abutment Joints
Prado, Abraão M. / Pereira, Jorge / Henriques, Bruno / Benfatti, César A. M. / Magini, Ricardo S. / López-López, José / Souza, Júlio C. M.
Seite 384-388, doi:10.11607/ijp.4811, PubMed:27479348, Sprache: Englisch
Effect of Lithium Disilicate Veneers of Different Thickness on the Degree of Conversion and Microhardness of a Light-Curing and a Dual-Curing Cement
Scotti, Nicola / Comba, Allegra / Cadenaro, Milena / Fontanive, Luca / Breschi, Lorenzo / Monaco, Carlo / Scotti, Roberto
Seite 389-398, doi:10.11607/ijp.4822, PubMed:27479349, Sprache: Englisch
Missing Teeth and Prosthodontic Replacement in an Institutionalized Dentate Population of 60 Years and Older in Qingdao, China
Zhang, Qian / Li, Tingting / Gerritsen, Anneloes E. / Witter, Dick J. / Bronkhorst, Ewald M. / Creugers, Nico H. J.
Seite 399-402, doi:10.11607/ijp.4630, PubMed:27479350, Sprache: Englisch
Predictors of Tooth Loss in Patients Wearing a Partial Removable Dental Prosthesis
Mizuno, Yoko / Bryant, Ross / Gonda, Tomoya
Seite 403-405, doi:10.11607/ijp.4663, PubMed:27479351, Sprache: Englisch
Handling of Polyvinylsiloxane Versus Polyether for Implant Impressions
Farhan, Daniel / Lauer, Wiebke / Heydecke, Guido / Aarabi, Ghazal / Reissmann, Daniel R.
Seite 406-408, doi:10.11607/ijp.4771, PubMed:27479352, Sprache: Englisch
Double-Step Image Superimposition Technique for Fabricating a Drilling Guide to Access the Abutment Screw in Implant Prostheses
Mai, Hang-Nga / Kim, Kyung-Rok / Lee, Du-Hyeong