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The International Journal of Prosthodontics



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Issue 4/2017     7. July 2017
7. July 2017
Pages: 319 - 397

Page 319
Editorial: Advisory Board Retirements
Zarb, George A.
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Page 321-326, doi:10.11607/ijp.5023, PubMed:28697200
Economic Evaluation of Implant-Supported Overdentures in Edentulous Patients: A Systematic Review
Zhang, Qi / Jin, Xin / Yu, Mengliu / Ou, Guoming / Matsui, Hiroyuki / Liang, Xing / Sasaki, Keiichi
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Page 327-333, doi:10.11607/ijp.5152, PubMed:28697201
Ability of General Dentists and Prosthodontists to Discern and Identify Incremental Increases in Occlusal Vertical Dimension in Dentate Subjects
Remiszewski, David / Bidra, Avinash S. / Litt, Mark D.
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Page 341-347, doi:10.11607/ijp.5211, PubMed:28697203
Does Surgical Experience Influence Implant Survival Rate? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Sendyk, Daniel Isaac / Chrcanovic, Bruno Ramos / Albrektsson, Tomas / Wennerberg, Ann / Deboni, Maria Cristina Zindel
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Page 348-353, doi:10.11607/ijp.5270, PubMed:28697204
Preliminary Clinical Application of Removable Partial Denture Frameworks Fabricated Using Computer-Aided Design and Rapid Prototyping Techniques
Ye, Hongqiang / Ning, Jing / Li, Man / Niu, Li / Yang, Jian / Sun, Yuchun / Zhou, Yongsheng
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Page 354-356, doi:10.11607/ijp.5121, PubMed:28697205
Different Patterns of Restoration Provision Between Initial Endodontic Treatment and Retreatment: A Retrospective Clinical Study
Agrafioti, Anastasia / Giannakoulas, Dimitrios G. / Kournetas, Nikos / Grigoriou, Stamatina / Kontakiotis, Evangelos G.
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Page 357-366, doi:10.11607/ijp.5287, PubMed:28697206
An Overview of Systematic Reviews Related to Aspects of the Shortened Dental Arch and Its Variants in Adults
Khan, Saadika B. / Chikte, Usuf M. E. / Omar, Ridwaan
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Page 367-369, doi:10.11607/ijp.5179, PubMed:28697207
Reliability of a CAD/CAM Surgical Guide for Implant Placement: An In Vitro Comparison of Surgeons' Experience Levels and Implant Sites
Park, Su-Jung / Leesungbok, Richard / Cui, Taixing / Lee, Suk Won / Ahn, Su-Jin
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Page 370-372, doi:10.11607/ijp.5230, PubMed:28697208
Osseointegration of a Zirconia Implant: A Histologic Assessment
Schepke, Ulf / Meijer, Gert J. / Meijer, Henny J. A. / Walboomers, X. Frank / Cune, Marco
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Page 373-376, doi:10.11607/ijp.5138, PubMed:28697209
Improvement of a Digital Impression with Conventional Materials: Overcoming Intraoral Scanner Limitations
Mandelli, Federico / Ferrini, Francesco / Gastaldi, Giorgio / Gherlone, Enrico / Ferrari, Marco
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Page 377-383c, doi:10.11607/ijp.5253, PubMed:28697210
Reproducibility of a New Computerized Planimetric Method for the Measurement and Assessment of Removable Dental Prostheses Plaque
Al Jaghsi, Ahmad / Mundt, Torsten / Biffar, Reiner
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Page 384-389, doi:10.11607/ijp.5078, PubMed:28697211
Comparison of Clinical, Radiographic, and Immunologic Inflammatory Parameters Around Dental Implants with Cement-Retained and Screw-Retained Restorations: A 5-Year Prospective Cohort Study in Men
Al Amri, Mohammad D. / Al-Rasheed, Abdulaziz S. / Al-Kheraif, Abdulaziz A. / Alfadda, Sara A.
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Page 390-393, doi:10.11607/ijp.5065, PubMed:28697212
Maxillary Implant Prosthodontic Treatment Using Digital Laboratory Protocol for a Patient with Epidermolysis Bullosa: A Case History Report
Agustín-Panadero, Rubén / Serra-Pastor, Blanca / Peñarrocha-Oltra, David / Peñarrocha-Diago, Miguel
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Page 394-395, doi:10.11607/ijp.5053, PubMed:28697213
Mega-abrasion: Case History Report on Management of a Fluorosis-Affected Patient
Ardu, Stefano
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Page 396-397, doi:10.11607/ijp.5264, PubMed:28697214
Facilitation of Prosthetic Rehabilitation in Scleroderma: Case History Report
Mostafavi, Azam S. / Hajimahmoudi, Mohammadreza
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